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of committees are policy experts or somebody who spent years or a prior career focused on that issue and not somebody who has been appointed because they have raised the most money and played the fundraising game. >> reporter: a spokesman for john perez, the speaker who made the assignments, said "those selections were based solely on the speaker's confidence that each person serving as chair can be an effective leader. political consultant dan newman acknowledges that the appointments are often made on the basis of being able to raise money but that the practice is commonplace. in state and in national politics. >> it certainly is an important element. you have to raise money to be elect in the first place and then within the caucus, you're effectively trying to win elections among your peers there to be in the leadership. that's what happens in both parties. that's what happens in california and at the federal level. >> reporter: newman also points out that being an outsider in a leadership position may actually be a good thing because it gives you a fresh perspective. also, while we call them
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freshmen, a lot of these members have legal and business experience as well as in the political field and that can help them when they chair a committee so it's something to think about. these aren't 22-year-olds going into the office. >> those endorsing them, that's what they want us to look at their overall experience in life and what they bring to government. >> reporter: you have to look at them individually and some of them don't have experience with a committee that they were assigned to so that's why we were looking at this a little closer. >> it's going to be an interesting year in sacramento. thank you. in the wake of the connecticut school shooting, a top state lawmaker wants the white house to consider california as a model for dealing with mental illness. senate president pro tem darrell steinberg wrote to vice president joe biden urging him to use california's mental health services act as a model for nationwide improvements. it levies a special tax on higher earners to pay for housing, medication, therapy and preventative services. >> the fact is that it
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sometimes does take the public's attentio on the worst of worst circumstances to talk about and to act around how we improve systems that for far too long have been underfunded and ignored. >> now, steinberg also wants the federal government to match every dollar the states extend on mental health. a bay area gun buy-back program was so successful, there's now talk of using it as a blueprint for the country. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez in the newsroom with details. joe. >> reporter: the organizers in oakland say they plan to take this thing statewide perhaps as early as next august with the financial support of cannabis clubs around california and then maybe even nationwide. they gathered some 300 guns this weekend and then since then 97 more including two machine guns. >> i think that people really, really, really are sick of
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violence in oakland and i think that this is a direct response. >> reporter: a few of days after the gun buy-back in oakland people say even more young people have come forward to sell back all sorts of weapons for $200 each. from handguns to rifles even one with a bayonet. many are more sophisticated than what the cops carry. >> among the recovered weapons, this guy, a mac 11 an uzi style machine pistol capable of going fully a.m. another young man turned in a machine gun, as well. this is a calico 9-millimeter also capable of going automatic with a choice between 50 rounds and 100 rounds magazines easily attached. >> when we saw the guns, we thought, oh, my god, we're so glad that we kept the door open. and we kept asking for guns. >> reporter: the man who put more than $100,000 behind the project, keith stevens, owner of the cannabis dispensary purple heart, says he is inspired to do more.
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>> with all the partners that we have in place and individuals reaching out from across the country, now we're looking at a national gun buy- back day as we often have a "national night out." >> reporter: mayor ed lee declared san francisco's buy- back effort a success with 300 guns also recovered over this past weekend. he also announced pros posing two new gun control laws for the city. one that bans hollow point bullets, another that notifies law enforcement when anyone buys 500 rounds or more of any type of ammunition. now marin county is going to do a gun buy-back. the district attorney says they will have it on martin luther king day in mid-january. he says not only are they buying back weapons, but get this parents, they say you can also sell your child's ultraviolet videogames back. clearly, you know, it's really strange, holding that weapon, those machine guns in my hand like that and you can see why
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they're buoyed by the success but they acknowledge there are still thousands of these firearms still on the streets and new ones being sold every day as well as videogames. >> thank you. san francisco police are already planning another gun buy-back. but cbs 5 reporter mark sayre shows us it may be impossible to keep ahead of a huge spike in gun sales. mark. >> reporter: well, juliette, not only is the renewed push to restrict guns coming from washington but there are efforts coming from sacramento and all of it coming together is enough to motivate many people to come to local gun stores hearing if they wait too long, it may be too late. >> this hand guard is attached by a delta ring. >> reporter: here at the bay area gun vault in mountain view the owner says business has been brisk. >> this is a one in seven barrel twist. >> reporter: one of the most popular sellers the ar-15 semi- automatic rifle. >> well, this the government is wanting to -- the government is wanting to ban certain types of rifles and they're very
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popular. and people that have been caught on the fence are buying them are pushed over to the edge where if i can't get them here quick i'm going to get them now. >> reporter: with fears of changes in federal gun laws and possible reinstatement of a federal assault weapons ban which expired in 2004 gun owners and enthusiasts are not taking any chances. >> so we have had a ton of new buyers, people that have never bought them before coming in to get them maybe the last chance to get them. >> reporter: sam from sunnyvale says anytime something bad involving guns takes place it often has negative effects on legal gu owners. is it going to be a rough road ahead? >> yes, crazy people screw it up for people like us who are normal. >> reporter: increase to the national instant criminal back check system was at an all-time high this past november after president obama's re-election. and with reports of brisk sales across the country now, it is possible december will be another record month. >> we have plenty of laws in
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place to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. i think what needs to be made more focused is on a national level how to secure these weapons so people can't get them. >> reporter: here in california a group of democrats are taking aim at the sales of ammo. the proposal on the table this week a $50 fee requiring money wants to buy ammo to get a permit, which would be valid for a year. that permit just to buy the ammunition would require a background check. back to you. >> absolutely. mark sayre in mountain view, thank you. new at 6:00 vallejo police are investigating a hit-and-run crash that killed a man and his dog. officers found them in a residential area at sutter and louisiana streets this morning. investigators say the man was still holding on to the dog's leash. police still looking for the driver. other bay area headlines, police are investigate the shooting death of a man outside a hayward apartment complex. the man was killed this morning on sleepy hollow avenue near
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aldon gateway. there are no suspects but investigators are examining a silver jeep. south gate elementary and martin luther king, jr. middle school nearby were locked down for two hours after the shooting. a japanese diplomat pleaded guilty to two domestic violence charges in a redwood city courtroom today. the man was accused of abusing his wife over several years. he faces up to a year in jail. he will be on probation for three years. he is the vice consul for japan in san francisco a san francisco firefighter suffered smoke inhalation battling an apartment fire in the oceanview neighborhood today. the two-alarm fire started on the second floor of the three- story complex before dawn. 25 tenants had to evacuate. no word yet on a cause. all right. dry now in san jose an across the bay area but we are on the verge of a wet few days coming. chief meteorologist paul deanno is tracking the storm.
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>> it is almost here. it is slow to arrive. when it gets here, it's going to be here for a while. we have a lot of rain coming. let's get right to it. high-def doppler radar is showing rain moving in and we are picking up light to moderate rain up 101 from santa rosa almost down to rohnert park through windsor and clearlake and tal stowing ga hidden valley lake and we're looking at lakeport where we are picking up heavy rain now and calistoga. wind and this rainfall, a wind advisory in effect for those of us in san francisco and along the coast. sustained winds overnight 35 to 50 miles an hour. the big story is the rain with us for a couple of days. napa county, you will likely see two to five inches of new rainfall. and contra costa county two or three inches of rain in total by friday. so the rain is here. just about here. we have have the christmas forecast coming up.
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>> they killed a innocent person. i mean, it's retarded. >> and every an innocent bay area grandmother caught in the crossfire even more troubling is where it happened. >> a major change for the marine sanctuary in northern california. >> and this could be your last night on earth if you believe the doomsdayers. the worries about the end of the world.
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northern california coast. the obama administration wants to nearly double the of two national marine a new plan would permanently ban oil drilling off the northern california coast. the obama administration wants to double the size of two national marine sanctuaries off the sonoma and mendocino coasts. cbs 5 reporter john ramos explains why some who make their living in those waters are concerned. >> reporter: it's easy to see why alfred hitchcock picked
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bodega bay for the setting of his movie "th birds." they are everywhere. the federal government just announced a plan to extend the sanctuary all the way up to mendocino county. >> this area is a national treasure. it needs and it deserves permanent protection from oil and gas exploration. >> reporter: the fear is that any oil drilling in these waters could lead to an environmental disaster like what occurred when the oil rig blew up off the gulf coast. no one wants to see that here. and it's been reported the sanctuary designation will only apply to oil exploration. but not everybody buys that. >> if they would stop there, we would be all right, i mean, with it. but we know it won't be stopped there. >> reporter: this area's economy relies heavily on fishing and despite what might be said at a press conference, some of the local fishermen are concerned about what this might mean for their livelihoods.
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>> anything that the government has out in the water that they want for themselves stops us from fishing. >> reporter: the fishermen say they have never seen a marine sanctuary that didn't restrict fishing. but those sponsoring the change say it will benefit everyone here. >> this is a matter of economic common sense. jobs and livelihoods hang in the balance. >> reporter: anytime uncle sam moves in, the locals get nervous. in bodega bay, john ramos, cbs 5. new details tonight about a former marine who posted himself outside of a elementary school in the modesto area. he says he did it to protect students in the wake. connecticut school shootings but the marine corps says craig is not who he says he is. he told reporters that he was a 10-year veteran who had been to iraq and afghanistan. it turns out he was in for less
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than a year and never left san diego. >> i'm in shock! i'm really in shock. that's very bad. because this isn't something to be playing around with. this is serious. it's scary. >> after the truth about p usley's service record came out he was asked to leave. a grandmother was killed as a result of gun violence on the streets of oakland. the woman was hit by a stray bullet at the corner of 92nd and international boulevard. cbs 5 reporter da lin shows us it happened half a block it another high-profile murder. >> reporter: it started out as a gun battle across the street in front of that store between two groups of people. the clerk says she heard about 8 shots one of them striking and killing a grandmother walking on this side of international boulevard. the 49-year-old grandmother collapsed in front of a city- run preschool, head start. no kids were inside the building since the gun battle
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happened right before 7 p.m. last night. >> they killed a innocent person. i mean, it's retarded! >> reporter: the killing reignited anger among neighbors. it's the second high-profile killing on this block in two months. less than 50 feet away was where someone robbed and killed a popular business owner inside this metro pcs in october. last night's shooting killed ramona foreman, better known as mona. >> mona, she was outrageous courageous person that would do anything for you. loving, caring. >> reporter: the victim lived at this house a few blocks away from the crime scene. friends say she was walking to a store when the stray bullet killed her. >> there is a woman laying on ice in the coroner's office and her grandkids will not see her again and her kids is not gonna see her again. >> reporter: homicide detectives are reviewing footage taken from the two surveillance cameras mounted at the head start building. >> vehicles there around the
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time of. crime giving us general descriptions of individuals involved in crime, we believe that videocameras in this case may help us as well. >> reporter: as a family friend honored the victim to over the small makeshift memorial, police tried to reassure neighbors by stepping up police presence along international boulevard. the victim is oakland's 124th homicide victim of the year. no one has been arrested. in oakland, i'm da lin, cbs 5. if you are flying out of san francisco tomorrow, be prepared for long lines. the airport expects 130,000 passengers to pass through the airport on what officials call the busiest travel day of the season. as we mentioned earlier, things could get ugly since we have a storm on the horizon. >> meteorologist paul deanno is tracking it. rain on the way. >> it's going to be a mess tomorrow. you have the rain and the wind just plan on taking some extra time to get anywhere this
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upcoming weekend. it's going to be soggy. our computer forecast model is predicting in color is showing how much rain, up to 4" by saturday night. no flood watches or advisories but there will be a lot of rain. just when your yard probably dried out, here we go again. cbs 5 hi-def doppler tracking some rain primarily north of the golden gate right now. we're talking right through the heart of sonoma county, southern lake county, mendocino county and also northern napa county, santa rosa getting wet now with moderate rain. it will take about six or eight more hours for that rain to make it to san francisco. now, ahead of that storm system, we had some pretty gusty southerly winds. but that helped us warm up today into the low 60s after a cold morning. san francisco up to 58 but napa, oakland, redwood city in the low 60s, gilroy hit 59 and tonight, because of the cloud cover, forget about the freeze. it will be much milder. fremont 44. concord 46. vallejo 49. napa 43 degrees.
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not the 20s and 30s like we've seen recently. so here's the low pressure system far away from us with the first of many fronts now piling into northern california. this pattern is going to be stuck with us until sunday night so we're wet, windy tomorrow as the first front moves through. but with low pressure not moving, there are more fronts and that storm track right towards us so it will stay wet until sunday night or christmas eve morning on monday. so we are going to be wet for the morning commute tomorrow. rain moving in north and south. rain heavy at times through sunday. the skies will clear though good news. santa claus going to be just fine. partly cloudy skies christmas eve night. 50s tomorrow, mid-50s san francisco, fremont 55. mountain view wet 56. fairfield concord livermore mid- 50s with rain likely. rain likely on saturday. rain likely on sunday for you last-minute shoppers. go buy and umbrella for yourself. monday the rain moves out. christmas day is dry. more rain moves in next wednesday and thursday. that's your cbs 5 forecast. thank you. it's not just for children anymore. how a system like the amber alert can help find the missing
6:20 pm
elderly. >> maybe i shouldn't have bought that 2013 calendar? it's end of the world as we know it! or is it? the roots of the rumor about doomsday. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today for the missing elder. the silver alert program ise the amber alert. but it's for missing people 65 yearsr older with alzheimers or dementia. starting in janua families with missing loveds the california highway patrol instituted a silver alert for missing people 60 or older who suffer from alzheimer's or dementia, like the amber alert program. starting in january loved ones can call police without waiting 24 hours. one big difference, no highway alerts. >> overhead freeway signs, those won't be activated. and additionally, there won't be necessarily a break in broadcasting a program on tv.
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that has to be determined by the television station itself. >> california joins 30 other states that already have this program. all right. despite assurances from nasa that the sun will rise tomorrow sun remain convinced that this is our last night in this world. so who is right? cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman went to the ends of the earth to find out. >> reporter: oh, whoa! it's going to happen tomorrow? i hope not. could be among the greatest hoaxes played on earthlings. no, it didn't. no, it hasn't. sounds like something out of hollywood. >> it is! >> there is no mayan prophecy. they didn't predict anything. >> reporter: the person from a planetarium knows enough to know that the 13th mayan calendar cycle ends friday 394.26 tropical years after it started. but the mayans didn't think the world would end then. >> doesn't predict nipping. it's just a rollover date just
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like the odometer in your car goes from 100,000 or 00000 to 1. >> reporter: the rumor apparently started sometime in the '80s. with the internet it spread. >> it's like when i say i get to the end of my tootsie roll, no tootsie rolls. they are all over. >> reporter: this man found that the hubbub had to be explained to his class. >> it means it wouldn't be at the end of the world. >> i don't think so either but that's what people are worried about. >> there's going to be a huge earthquake. >> reporter: that's harold camping and he is not talking about tomorrow but the last time the end of the world was coming back in 2011. he was sure of it! in case this doesn't happen, can we do an interview with you the next day? >> i -- it -- it is absolutely going to happen. >> reporter: we never got that later interview. the man had a heart attack. he survived but never got back to us. but just to cover our assets, we checked in where the world
6:25 pm
should have already ended. >> i saw absolutely nothing different. >> reporter: this person in india where it's already 12/21/12. >> live every day as if it's your last. >> reporter: good advice and maybe if that's what we learn from this non-end of the world it will have done some good. mike sugerman, cbs 5. we know there's rain tomorrow. >> you didn't cash out your 401(k). >> no. if i believed it i would have? did you? >> no. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> i'll be here tomorrow. coming up in the next half hour, we'll still be here, badly needed upgrades in the wake of the san bruno disaster. you're going to be paying for it. why pg&e still isn't completely satisfied. >> in newtown, connecticut, the two 6-year-old smoothing victims laid to rest today and the special speaker at the funeral for a teacher. >> how politicians put aside their differences today. honoring the late senator daniel inouye. ,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald now at 6:30, another day brings more heartbreaking good- byes in a small connecticut town struggling to heal.
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nearly one week since the sandy hook shootings, newtown is still coping with a steady stream of funeral processions. more children were laid to rest today as makeshift memorials to the 26 victims continue to grow. randall pinkston reports. >> reporter: coming to newtown tonight, new hampshire police confirming that nancy lanza the first shooting victim of her son adam lanza, there was a memorial service for her today in new hampshire. meanwhile, here in newtown, more funerals for the victims of last friday's shooting rampage. a large portrait of 6-year-old benjamin wheeler stood outside trinity episcopal church in newtown, connecticut. about two dozen boy scouts lined up outside to honor the former cub scout. [ belmont stakes ] >> reporter: his was one of several funerals and wakes held today. earlier in the morning a hearse
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left another church with the coffin of 6-year-old catherine hubbard a little girl known for her love of animals. friday is a week since the massacre. for many in this grief-stricken town the loss hasn't sunk in. >> it's unfathomable. it's still, you know, even in look -- even look at all this it's unbelievable. it's is this really happening? >> reporter: family and friends also said good-bye to 52-year- old teacher ann marie murphy. cardinal timothy dolan the new york archbishop spoke at her funeral. while the memorial to the victims grow bigger each day, the investigation continues into what led to the rampage. on wednesday, investigators removed boxes from the home of shooter adam lanza as they searched for a motive. for survivors class resume after the holidays in monroe. the sandy hook building may never reopen. dan dayton attended the school as a child.
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>> i knew every part of that school. so it's been tarnished forever. >> reporter: school officials say the new school will be a fresh start for a community that's struggling to move on. police reveal that there were two bedrooms in the home where adam lanza shared with his mother and one of the bedrooms in the basement she kept her weapons in a locked box. he obviously got access to them. he also kept his computer games and hard drive there. police he destroyed the hard drive so they couldn't find traces of what he was thinking or doing in the hours before last friday's shooting. reporting live in newtown, connecticut, i'm randall pinkston, back to you. >> thank you. people in the bay area are also holding memorials for the newtown victims. cbs 5's ken bastida went to one in san francisco's financial district late this afternoon. >> reporter: all week long people in the bay area especially people here in san francisco have been trying to
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figure out a meaningful way to honor the victims of the newtown tragedy so tonight they held what's called night for newtown, the cbs radio stations from the bay area organizing a candlelight vigil and also a toy drive. people asked to bring a teddy bear for a needy child here in san francisco as a way of passing on the love. also, members of the san francisco bulls hockey team skated at the ice rink here with 26 lit candles to represent each of the 26 victims of last week's tragedy. at the embarcadero ice rink, ken bastida cbs 5. members of congress set aside their partisan differences today to honor daniel inoue. his body lay in state in the u.s. capitol rotunda today. a highly decorated world war ii veteran, he represented hawaii since it became a state in 1959. colleagues on both sides of the aisle paid their respects to the nine-term senator.
6:33 pm
>> he leaves behind a legacy of push leadership and private kindness that will not be forgotten as long as these walls stand as long as histories are written. >> for when this rotunda returns to life and the tour guides give their pitch, they will always speak of daniel inouye, the gentleman from hawaii and one of freedom's most gallant champions. >> inouye died monday at the age of 88. here at cbs 5, we're remembering a legend of our own. >> this complication called in hope is also historic. it's the first time an american college has stopped all its academic -- >> the "san francisco examiner" ben williams became the first african-american television reporter in the bay area in 1966. in fact he spent his entire 25- year career in television at kpix. he died this monday at the age of 85. us survived by his wife of 59
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years, vivian, a son and daughter and two grandchildren. on-again, off-again work to prevent the "fiscal cliff" is off again. with 11 days to go, the house was supposed to vote tonight on speaker john boehner's plan b. about an hour ago, it was abruptly put off. house republicans said they weren't able to drum up enough support for a vote. it calls for an extension of the bush-era tax cuts for those making less than a million dollars and leave tougher fights for spending on future battles. if the voter for plan b ever passes in the house, it doesn't stand a chance in the senate. pg&e customers will have to help foot the bill for upgrades to our pipeline infrastructure. how much it will cost you, coming up on the consumerwatch. >> we are paying less for gas these days. that trend is expected to last a while. how low those prices could go. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ents -- to prevent the kind of explosion that kill ei pg&e is getting nearly $300 million to make improvements to try to prevent the kind of explosions that killed 8 people and destroyed a san bruno neighborhood. cbs 5's consumerwatch reporter julie watts tells us, that money is coming directly from customers. >> reporter: in the wake of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion, pg&e is upgrading its infrastructure, upgrades will earn pg&e a profit and force pg&e customers to pay. >> the victims shouldn't have to suffer because pg&e's making a profit from this explosion. >> reporter: many were outraged when the california public utilities commission approved a $299 million rate increase to help pg&e pay for its pipeline safety plan. >> you allow a utility
6:38 pm
responsible for the deaths of eight citizens, friends and family, to profit as a direct result of that tragedy. >> reporter: the consumer watchdog group turn urged pg&e not to be allowed to make profit on its pipeline safety plans noting many of the required fixes are due to pg&e negligence but the pg&e spokesman says the company is paying for its mistakes, this money is for new improvements. >> what's important to know is it this funding was needed to meet new regulations so these are regulations that were put in place after san bruno. any work that needs to be done it meet existing regulations has been and will continue to be paid for by our shareholders. >> reporter: she says pg&e is actually disappointed in the puc's decision because the utility had asked for about 60% more. pg&e hoped to raise rates by $2 a month. instead there is 88 cents next year and $1.36 in 2014 money to
6:39 pm
be used to prevent future disasters adding insult to injury for current victims. >> they are picking up business as usual. as though nothing happened. i'm very sorry. i'm really emotional. >> reporter: the puc commissioners say they were trying to strike a balance between punishing pg&e for past mistakes and encouraging the company to invest in safety. julie watts, cbs 5. gas prices are now around 3.50 statewide. that's 25 cents less than last month. now energy experts say we could city this drop for months to come in the next year. in 2013 average prices will be as much as 20 cents a gallon lower than 2012. and this may come as a relief to drivers after just a couple of months ago, refinery explosions and power outages caused gas prices to jump over $5 in some places. a massive bay area toy drive brings thousands of toys to needy families. we'll tell you how you can add
6:40 pm
more smiles to children this holiday season. >> a lot of you will be driving this season or flying. a lot of you will be shopping this weekend. find out why the weather is going to play a major role in any of those activities coming up. >> ahead an update on 49ers cowboy. defensive tackle justin spence a visit with coach harbaugh in a moment. don't move. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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grinch stole christmas pres from the front of a home in concord. they arrested this man, danl new tonight, police say a grinch stole christmas presents from the front of a home in concord. they arrested this man, daniel price. they say security cameras caught him stealing those packages monday. police hope to return the presents to their rightful owners before christmas. thousands of bay area children will have a happier holiday thanks to the generosity of the community. today in san jose, needy families picked out free presents for their kids. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us some couples even camped out in the cold for some warm holiday memories. >> reporter: sacred heart has collected more than 17,000 ties every toys and books from the community and soon will be in the hands of more than 5600 children. now, it's part of the christmas toy box distribution. sacred heart does this event
6:44 pm
every year to help low income parents bring christmas cheer to their kids. doors opened at 10 a.m. and parents were escorted by hundreds of volunteers including san jose mayor chuck reed. the volunteers helped pick out three toys for kids. parents we spoke to have been here since 2:30 yesterday afternoon braving the cold elements. all for that christmas morning smile. >> what kept me warm was, you know, imagining their faces smiling and that's what kept my heart warm. >> reporter: there still is time to donate. the organization tells me they are in need of toys for teens and books for all ages. in san jose, cate caugiran, cbs 5. all right. meteorologist paul deanno is here now and we have some rain on the way. >> you know what, it's going to get us all in the holiday spirit. >> really? >> maybe, get the fireplace going, wrap the gifts, enjoy the times indoors with the family. it's going to be a mess outside for the next couple of days if you are traveling. it's going to be tricky. first up will be rain and wind
6:45 pm
overnight tonight. already was breezy today. sustained winds overnight tonight for the city and the coast up to 35 miles per hour with gusts up to 40, 45, even 50 miles an hour. us this, the wind advisory. now to the rain. almost into the bay area, north bay showers right now some moderate rain up and down 101 close to santa rosa. calistoga and clearlake and almost to saint helena. we'll zoom out and show you the entire bay area. much of it is dry. once the rain gets here it we'll be stuck with it through monday morning. outside livermore down to 28 degrees this morning, concord too. san jose 55. warmer tonight because we'll have the blanket of cloud cover over top of us. you may be frustrated going to the high country but once you're there, up to 4 feet of new snow or more especially above 7,000 feet. snow levels will be rising but the snow totals will be as well. windy on the drive up but it's
6:46 pm
going to be gorgeous and all of this preceding the beginning of winter which begins tomorrow likely while you're sleeping at 3:12 a.m. so what's causing all this? we have another significant storm system and a storm track aimed toward you. right toward the bay area. it's going to be for the next three days. there is the center of the low pressure about 700 miles away. problem is, we have this jet stream which is screaming right into northern california. and the cold front will take that past of least resistance into the bay area friday through sunday. so wet and windy tomorrow morning, wet saturday and sunday. if you are going shopping wet. if you are trying to drive or fly, wet. kinds of a mess so plan to leave early or taking longer to get there. futurecast predicting the rainfall totals from now through this time tomorrow, 2" of rain for santa rosa. that's a lot even more farther north in the mountains. an inch in san rafael but significant rainfall for the east bay and south bay.
6:47 pm
highs tomorrow, mid-50s. pretty close to normal. san jose 56. your average is 61. fremont 55. we're looking at 4 for walnut creek. pleasanton 54. san francisco 55. novato san rafael soggy tomorrow. 54 for walnut creek. saturday and sunday looking at rain likely with things clearing out a bit for christmas eve and christmas day before showers move back wednesday and thursday. so five of the next seven days are look be wet. let's talk more about the skiing because, man, is it going to be gorgeous up there. snow likely for the next couple of days. that is your forecast. time as to send things over to roberta. paul, i think it was hilarious. my guest said what, paul said wet, rainy and cool? >> yes. >> that's why she came indoors today. in cbs's continuous efforts for "food for bay area families" we invited to our studios tonight
6:48 pm
a law firm who has been coming every, single year. it's wilson. sasini, goodrich rosati. colleen ball is with the foundation. this is your ninth out of 10 years being here. thank you so much. >> thank you for having us. it's so important to publicize the need and you have been so great in supporting us in that. >> thank you. now this donation which is going to be a very generous one is from the employees. >> it's from our individual employees who have made donations as well as our charitable arm called the wilson sonisi foundation. >> reporter: you're doing so much for bay area families in dire need. 25% of children in the bay area are hungry and we are doing our efforts. let's see your donation. >> $70,000. >> reporter: whoo! yes! $70,000. i cannot thank you enough from
6:49 pm
the bottom of my heart and we want to remind people to help too. >> there are a lot of individuals and companies doing their part to help out. it's terrific. >> big christmas hug! and if you want to help out, it's contribute to "food for bay area families." the drive continues and so does the newscast. we'll be right back after this. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
days ago...that he expected
6:52 pm
defensive end justin smith play this sunday at seattle... 49er coach jim harbaugh told the media a couple of days ago that he expected defensive end justin smith to play this sunday at seattle. smith nursing an injured elbow hasn't been on the practice field and was nowhere to be found today. he is expected to be a game- time decision. meanwhile, 49ers safety desean goal son fined $21,000 for the helmet-to-helmet him on patriots tight end aaron hernandez. he said he incurred over $70,000 worth of fines. that hurts. i caught up with jim harbaugh about his christmas wish list on the coach's corner. >> i want to ask you something that's weighing on the minds of the 49er empire out there. what do you want for christmas? >> whoo! >> i only need two things
6:53 pm
materialistically, super bowl trophy, motorhome. once i get one of those two i'm all set. i would like to make a trip across the country. >> sunday you have a birthday coming up. i'm curious, growing up, did you feel cheated at all by having a birthday so close to christmas? i ask you because my sister's birthday is on christmas. she always felt funny. >> anybody with a birthday near christmas, you get one gift, happy birthday, merry christmas gift and a lot of people run out of money spending money on christmas gifts for everybody else. see so your birthday gets diminished. >> now that i'm in my late 50s here, it works out good because then people don't remember it's your birthday and it seems to sneak by without anybody knowing most of the time. >> all right. at this point, it seems colin kaepernick is entrenched as harbaugh's starting
6:54 pm
quarterback. with two years left on alex smith's deal the 9ers could be in the market to trade him. packers quarterback aaron rodgers doesn't understand why smith's career has taken so many turns. >> alex and i are buddies. we have, you know, both got drafted in 2005 nfl draft and he's been through a lot. i can't imagine the, you know, what you have to go through that many offensive coordinators just the turnover in coaches has been tough for him. >> he's a great quarterback. he just needs to go somewhere, where he gets appreciated for the skill thats has and hopefully gets a chance nexter. > >> rodgers' opinion seems small compared to those of two college basketball coaches who used their platform to speak out about the sandy hook tragedy this week. >> if we in this country as americans cannot get the people that represent us to do something about firearms we are a sad, sad society.
6:55 pm
>> i didn't vote for president obama. okay? but you know what? he as my president now. he's my leader. i need him to step up. >> this is our fault. this is my fault and your fault, your fault, all your faults. >> this has to be a time for change and i know this microphone is powerful right now because we're playing the fourth best team in the country. i'm not going to have a microphone like this the rest of the year maybe the rest of my life and i'm going to be an agent of change with the 13 young men that i get to coach every day. >> hm. that was syracuse coach jim boeheim and pat kelsey after his team played ohio state. yankees' cc sabathia in san francisco right now bowling right-handed because he is rehabbing his $161 million left elbow. the vallejo native's pitch-in foundation is having their annual christmas car va van outing. he and his wife are treating special kids to bowling and a
6:56 pm
christmas shopping spree to ensure the kids have a merry holiday. >> vallejo is near and dear to my heart. i have a lot of family here and i really deeply am rooted in the community so i care about what's going on. so the only time i can get a chance to give back and do whatever i can, i always have to take the opportunity. >> now, that guy has never forgotten where he came from. every chance he gets, he comes home to vallejo and just opens the wallet, whatever, and just simply gives. he gave an autograph to my middle son jake, had a picture together. it was -- he just kind of exudes joy, all 6'6", 200 pounds of him. >> did i see the bumpers after him? >> did not. >> i thought i saw that. >> still an athlete at the bowling alley. >> just to show the yankees he was bowling right-handed not left. don't get excited. >> for that elbow. >> can't violate the contract. >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00. captions by: caption colorado ,,
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: welcome to the show. good luck, good luck. how's everybody doing today? thank you all very much. appreciate you, now. hey! welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and you know what? we got another good one for you today. returning for their second day, straight out of huntsville, alabama, it's the high family. [applause and cheering] and from louisville, kentucky, home of the derby, it's the miller family. [applause and cheering] everybody's here trying to win a lot of cash and the possibility at driving out of here in a brand-new car, right there.

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